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 Through Fire, Through Ice

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PostSubject: Through Fire, Through Ice   Thu Jun 23, 2016 3:19 am

Through Fire, Through Ice

After many years of prosperity and influence, the Kingdom of Bright-Field had accumulated a reputation that wasn’t to be toiled with. The kingdom was sought by thousands. Bright-Field grew lenient and vulnerable in that time. It would garnish them a Raiken spy within their own walls. Saurus, for this was his name, worked in deceiving Ryu, the king. Saurus manipulated his way to the top, becoming the royal adviser to Ryu. Ryu, a phoenix who fled Neferu in his youth, was not easily persuaded. Saurus, however, got around the stubborn firebrand by implicating the troubling fact that his people were only human. “What would happen if the Raiken, blessed by the gods to run like lighting, infiltrated these walls?” Saurus asked Ryu. Hgozi, Ryu’s uncle, a phoenix, and the ruler of Neferu, met his nephew to work out the terms of an alliance. Ryu’s absence meant it was time for the Raiken to invade. The besiege of Bright-Field has begun.

Requirements & Rules: 

- Must have legible writing 

- Characters, weapons, etc. must be plausible within a medieval and mythological setting. 

- Please, know that an RP can take a lot of work and effort. They are fun, but I ask, out of courtesy, that you don't treat the writing as if it is a joke. If you join, do it because your'e dedicated and you want to. 

- Post your RPC (role-playable character) here: http://bright-field.inmyclan.com/t2-through-fire-through-ice-rpc#2 
This is just so no one gets confused. Trust me, we've learned from experience. Ha-ha!

Profile Skeleton 






Reflection (appearance): 

Primary Weapon (1): 

Secondary Weapon (1): 

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Through Fire, Through Ice
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