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 Hey we're talkin' about Mythicore

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Atlas Van Malice
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PostSubject: Hey we're talkin' about Mythicore   Fri Jul 08, 2016 3:41 pm

So if you don't know Mythicore is the OFFICIAL official title of the webcomic me and Milady R. Aries is working on. And if you don't know, it was called Spirit Nights but honestly that was just a working title up until recently. And if you don't know it's about the adventures of yours truly. And if you don't know, my name is Atlas.  Cool

I can't quite remember if weather or not I announced this but just so everyone knows I actually wasn't entirely satisfied with how the story wen't originally. To put it bluntly it was a webcomic and it showed. And I'm an ambitious motherf*cker so I'm restarting from chapter one and doing this all again. This time with significantly better plot, emotion and character. I know what your thinking. "Atlas what the hell!? Your telling me your willing to restart from chapter 10!?" well random BrightFielder... yes. That's exactly what I'm saying and doing.  Neutral

So, now that the webcomic is actually become a reality it means I need places to begin. Of course Bright Field is going to be the home-base of this operation but we're also going to be uploading to DeviantArt and maybe other websites allows webcomic's as product.

I know some of you are also probably asking. "Hey Atlas will there by any chance be tie-in's with the official Bright Field webcomic." I mean... I guess?  Neutral If they can get it out before I wrap-up the original series and begin work on Mythicore: Forgotten World then I guess we'll be seeing plenty of tie-ins.

Oh yeah I'll also be getting my first piece of art soon...

The anticipation is killing me...
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Hey we're talkin' about Mythicore
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